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  examples: “african americans” veterans tourism
  examples: "mental health" columbia “ninety six” teachers auditing
  examples: "estate papers" minutes “sessions rolls”
  examples: "dept of corrections" “abbeville county” “marion, francis” "middleton family”
Personal name:
 examples: "mills, robert" "richards, john" “pate, mary”
Corporate/conference name:
  examples: “constitutional convention” “education study committee” “southern governor’s conference”
  examples: deeds photographs “annual reports” citizenship papers”
Date/date range
  examples: 1860 to 1880 1941
Series number
"L 01001"  "L1001001"  "S 102001"  "B 800101"  C 700001"  F 600210"  P 900001"  "O 800210"
Important: Use quotation marks and proper formatting and spacing.
Search Tips
  • Use AND, OR, NOT, and ( ) to narrow or broaden your search:
    • “expenditures, public” and “county finances” [narrows search to records having both terms]
    • "political ethics" or "misconduct in office" [broadens search to records having either term]
    • marriage not license [narrows search to records having the first term but not the second]
    • (forest or parks) and recreation [retrieves records with either of the parenthetical terms and the term outside the parentheses]
  • Use * to truncate and search varying forms of a word:
    • transport* (will search transport, transporting, transportation, etc.)
  • If you enter terms into more than one box, the search will retrieve records matching both search terms.
  • To search a date range, use "to" between the beginning and ending dates.
Types of Searches
Keyword - any type of term (name, subject, title, word in a note field, etc.) found in any field of the catalog record
Subject - topical areas (topics, places, occupations, functions, etc.) covered by records in the series or record group
Title - the name or variant name of a series, record group, container, file folder, or item
Creator - state agency, county, municipality, organization or person that created or received and maintained the series
Personal name - name of an individual or family
Corporate/conference name - name of any government, government agency or office, institution, religious body or church, private organization, or conference
Genre/form - physical or intellectual form of records (deeds, will, photographs, maps, diaries)
Date/date range - a year or range of years covered by the records
Series number - unique indentification number assigned to each series or record group. There are 8 broad categories or collections of records, each with a different letter designation. Use the correct spacing between the letters when searching by series number
  • B 800100 (one space)      British Records
  • C 700001 (one space)      Confederate Records
  • F 602306 (one space)      Federal Records
  • L  01001 (two spaces)     County Records
  • L1027001 (no space)       Municipal Records
  • O 800201 (one space)      Other Governments
  • P 900176 (one space)      Private Records
  • S 165015 (one space)      State Records

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